The Definitive Guide to Purchasing Melatonin

you can buy melatonin from hereStudies have shown that more and more people in the US are suffering from sleep disorders, so it’s not surprising that the number of people interested in knowing where to buy melatonin has increased. While regular sleeping pills carry a lot of potential side effects, melatonin is much safer and just as effective, if not more so.

Because melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone and is safe, you can buy it a number of different ways: online, in health supplement and pharmacies without prescription.

How to Buy Melatonin in Health Supplement Stores

Chances are this hormone is available in a health supplement store near you or maybe even the pharmacy. Either way, you just buy it as you would any multivitamin or supplement with no prescription necessary. These supplements are available in either liquid or capsule, with some consisting entirely of melatonin while others combine melatonin with other ingredients. Look for the one that fits your needs –and dosage requirements- and make the purchase.

Tips for Buying Online

If you’re going to buy melatonin online there will be more options available, and it’s also more convenient. If it’s your first time to buy this product, here’s what you do:

  1. Use a search engine to find a melatonin supplement. Research the product well.
  2. When you’ve found a website that sells the product, create an account. Provide the required information.
  3. Place an order for the product. Set the quantity, the payment option, tracking, etc.
  4. Go to the virtual checkout and pay for the product (usually credit card although many now accept PayPal).
  5. Wait for the product to arrive.

That’s basically all there is to buying this supplement online, but finding the right product is another matter. While a lot of these products say they can induce sleep naturally, few of them actually deliver, but fortunately there are ways to make sure you don’t fall victim to a fake supplement.

Buy from the Official Website

Whenever possible, buy the product from the official website. First, buying directly from the source guarantees that you’re getting the real thing and if something goes wrong –the product doesn’t arrive on time, damaged etc.- you’ll know who to call.

Second, official websites usually offer discounts when you buy directly from them, and this is definitely going to help if you’re going to use the product regularly. Third, you’ve got some sort of assurance in terms of the money back guarantee. Most importantly, you’re assured that the supplement contains melatonin and whatever ingredients are mentioned in the description.

Compare Products before Buying

If you look up “where to buy melatonin” on the web you’ll see a wide array of products, each claiming to have this sleep hormone and produce the benefits you’re looking for. But they’re not made equal for the following reasons:

  • Most supplements have 3 mg per table but others have 5 or more.
  • Some of these supplements have other ingredients like phosphorus, calcium, vitamin B6 and so on. Some of these ingredients are added to help you sleep while others are designed to improve your health. The inclusion of vitamins and other supplements is actually very helpful since the lack of sleep is very unhealthy.

How Do I Find the Right Melatonin Product / Supplement?

The first thing you need to do is learn as much about melatonin as possible. Know how it works, the effects, how your body produces it, how to get the most out of it and so on. The more you know about this hormone the easier it will be to find the right product.

Next you should read product reviews and see what people are saying. It’s hard to emphasize this point enough because it’s easy for a company to claim that their supplement can do this or that, but reviews will give you the full picture.

What Specific Supplement Features Should I Look For?

First of all the supplement needs to have melatonin and no addictive ingredients. This is very important because it’s the addictive element that makes prescription pills dangerous. Second, the supplement must not contain any ingredients that produce serious side effects or any element that might become habit forming.

If the supplement is natural it should not have any fillers or unnatural ingredients because these will dilute the potency of melatonin. A natural sleeping aid does not work like a sleeping pill that knocks you out and leaves you feeling groggy the next morning, but rather would leave you feeling refreshed the following morning.

It’s also a good idea to check the product if it’s been subjected to clinical tests as this adds credibility to the product’s claims. This is another area where your research will come into play because you’ll know if the claims being made are legit or not. At the very least, check the ingredients in the supplement and see if independent tests have proven the claims.

Cost will always be a concern of course, but it should not be the primary one: you might settle for a cheap supplement now but if it doesn’t work or produces unwelcome side effects, then you’re going to pay more in terms of money, time wasted and your health. While melatonin is known for being safe, cheap supplements might contain ingredients that could actually worsen your sleep disorder.

Bottom line: you get what you pay for, and if it’s very cheap, don’t expect much from it. Even if the supplement contains melatonin, it won’t be as effective if it’s mixed with other ingredients that aren’t meant to be used with the hormone.

Which Melatonin Supplement Should I Use?

There are very few sleeping aids that have met the approval of medical experts, but Lunar Sleep is one of them. What makes this different from other sleeping aids that have melatonin is the amount has been formulated specifically to induce sleep quickly and ensure you wake up the morning feel energized, so if you’re going to buy melatonin online, Lunar Sleep is something you’ll want to consider.