What Are The Common Adverse Effects of Sleeping Aids?

a woman suffering from sleeping pills side effectsDue to stress, insomnia and other issues, more and more people are having trouble sleeping, so they just pop a pill every night, and why not? In just a few minutes you fall asleep. The problem is sleeping pills side effects can be significant, and if you are not careful could lead to serious health issues and consequences.

Common Side Effects of Sleeping Pills

One of the most common side effects of sleeping pills is that over time, your body develops a tolerance for the drug, reducing its effect. If this happens, you’ll be forced to take higher and more powerful doses. But the higher your dose is, the more depressed your breathing becomes and this can be fatal.

Another serious problem is addiction: simply put, there are a lot of people who become addicted to these pills because some of the ingredients have addictive qualities. As it is, most pharmaceutical pills don’t even treat the cause of your sleeping problem, which makes you more dependent on it.

Drowsiness During the Day

Pharmaceutical-based pills also induce drowsiness during the day with all the repercussions that this condition brings. At the very least you will become less productive at work, but that’s minimal compared to the risks posed by drowsy driving. According to the latest figures, certain types of pills remain in your body for long periods of time so that you’ll feel drowsy even after getting sufficient rest at night.

There are many other adverse effects that accompany these pills:

  • Moodiness
  • Erratic behavior
  • Amnesia
  • Sleepwalking
  • Doing things in your rest without any memory when you wake

There’s also evidence that people who take pharmaceutical pills fall down and suffer accidents frequently. This report was published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine, and this is not surprising given the fact that these pills leave you feeling groggy and out of sorts.

Do Natural Sleeping Pills Have Side Effects?

If you ask pharmaceuticals if natural pills have negative effects, they’ll say yes, but the truth is these pills don’t. As it is, the pill industry is worth $27 billion, so they don’t want you to go the natural route because it will affect their bottom line. But the fact is natural ones don’t have a lot of adverse effects, and that’s not surprising because their ingredients are natural.

It should also be pointed out that natural aids only use ingredients that have proven to induce sleep without producing any unwanted effects. A good example of this is melatonin, a hormone that the pineal gland in your brain naturally secretes, and it is responsible for your waking and sleeping cycles.

What makes melatonin different from other hormones is it is active only during the night. If your body produces enough melatonin, you won’t have any problems sleeping, but if the level is below normal you won’t be able to rest. It’s true that as people age melatonin production slow down, but with natural pills this situation can be reversed.

But the benefits of natural pills go beyond regulating the rest cycle, because they also reduce the number of times you wake up during the night. Furthermore, natural sleep aids work like antioxidants that enhance the functions of your nervous system and the brain, preventing damage caused by age and sleep deprivation.

Not getting enough rest doesn’t just lead to drowsiness, as there are other more serious adverse reaction such as heart attacks, weakened immune system and more. If you take a natural pill with melatonin, these risks can be averted. While melatonin is mainly concerned with regulating the rest cycle, it also improves overall wellness.

Because melatonin offers so many benefits, health experts recommend taking supplements with melatonin as it improves the chances of your rest cycle being restored. Because it’s a natural hormone, it isn’t addictive and works in accordance with your body’s internal clock cycle.

There are also studies which suggest that melatonin slows down the aging process. Although more research is necessary, there is reason to believe there is a connection because lack of sleep has been cited as one of the reasons for aging. In any event, there is no questioning the fact that melatonin benefits the human body, and it doesn’t have any toxic elements that could harm you.

Natural Ways That Help You Sleep Faster

Aside from pills, there are other things you can do to try and rest naturally. Here are some suggestions:

  • Go to bed at the same time every night. Do this even if you don’t feel sleepy. You may drink chamomile tea but don’t drink coffee as that will keep you up.
  • Don’t take naps in the afternoon
  • Be as physically active as possible during the day so that by the time night comes you’ll be physically tired and ready to go to rest
  • Don’t read books you love because it will keep you up, and don’t watch your favorite TV show either. Instead you may watch a boring program that could put you to rest.
  • Exercise every day and practice meditation. Meditation in particular has proven effective in reducing stress and calming the mind, crucial if you want to get a good night’s rest.
  • Your last meal / snack should be at least two hours before you got to bed

If those methods don’t work, you should take a look at Lunar Sleep, a natural sleeping aid that has been getting positive reviews online for its potency. Furthermore, it’s one of the few natural pills to gain wide support from scientists and health experts due to its ingredients.

Introducing Lunar Sleep

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