Top Sleeping Pills On The Market?

a bottle of the best sleeping pillsIt’s 3am and you can’t sleep yet again. Thoughts of work, money and family are crossing your mind, so you start looking for the best sleeping pills you can find. You’re not alone because less than 20% of Americans rest more than 6 hours a night, and fewer and fewer people get to rest the recommended 8 hours a night. But are pills the answer?

There are different kinds of sleeping aids, but they can be divided into two categories, natural and synthetic. While the two have the same purpose, their short and long term effects vary. To keep things simple: natural aids have no side effects, but those sold by pharmaceuticals has several, and most are very dangerous.

Side Effects of Sleeping Medication

Taking a drug to help you rest is such an appealing idea, but the fact is it won’t treat the root cause of the problem and could actually make your condition worse. Among the most side effects of OTC pills are:

  • Forgetfulness, confusion and prolonged drowsiness
  • One of the more dangerous side effects is increased dependence on the drug, taking more and more until you become addicted
  • If you become addicted to these pills, you will no longer be able to rest without taking them, and suddenly stopping will lead to withdrawal symptoms
  • Withdrawal symptoms include shaking, sweating and nausea
  • Pharmaceutical-based sleeping tablets may interact with other medications you’re taking, which could worsen your condition
  • Suddenly stopping the use of these drugs could lead to an insomnia rebound and make it even harder for you to rest

Other Potential Health Risks

Pharmaceutical medications often cause a number of other problems including dizziness, grogginess, difficulty concentrating and feeling sleepy during the day. There is also evidence that these drugs cause dry mouth, constipation, muscle aches and headaches among other issues.

In addition, aids with sedative properties like benzodiazepines lead to various allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, memory lapses and facial swelling. Some of these pills even cause sleep eating and sleep driving, which is very dangerous.

Why Natural Sleeping Pills is the Better Option

More and more people are now turning to natural methods to help them rest, and natural tablets are proving to be popular. For one thing, these tabs do not contain antihistamine, which is typically used to treat common cold symptoms, allergies and hay fever. The health benefits of antihistamines are currently being disputed, and the side effects are numerous, and include drowsiness.

Natural sleep aids do not have this ingredient so you don’t have to worry about potential side effects. Because it is natural your body won’t react negatively against it, making it easier for the ingredients to get into your system and improve your rest cycle.

A drug with natural ingredients is safe because number one, the ingredients interact positively with the elements in your body, and second, it isn’t habit forming. You can take the tablet as long as necessary, but you can stop anytime and not worry about withdrawal symptoms or becoming dependent on it.

Unlike medication, natural drugs won’t leave you feeling groggy or tired in the morning. Second, these drugs work fast because your body assimilates the ingredients quickly, helping you fall asleep quickly. Of course the sooner you fall asleep the more rest you’ll get and the more refreshed you will feel in the morning.

Natural medication also doesn’t have any long term side effects, and more importantly they will provide your body with all the rest and sleep necessary. Regardless of your age, getting the right amount of rest every night is essential so that you’ll remain alert and feel refreshed for the rest of the day.

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a natural hormone which your body’s pineal gland produces in the brain. The pineal gland isn’t active during the day, but around 9 PM onwards, your brain starts producing melatonin in the brain and deposits it in your blood. As the melatonin level rises in your bloodstream, you begin to feel sleepy. Melatonin levels remain essentially the same for 12 hours, so by the next morning your alertness level rises up again.

At least that’s how melatonin should work, but due to any number of reasons, melatonin levels are not consistent and frequently low. If your melatonin levels are below normal, odds are you will have trouble sleeping and suffer from insomnia or other disorders.

That’s where natural pills come into play because it can normalize the melatonin levels in your body, allowing you to rest better without suffering any adverse effects. To prove this point, a study published in Sleep Medicine Reviews reveals that an increase in melatonin along with proper diet helps the body adjust and rest easily.

This finding was released around the same time that studies emerged showing that people who have trouble sleeping are usually those who have low melatonin levels. In addition, research reveals that the demand for pills has grown in the US, with millions of adults using them.

But as the evidence above shows, pharmaceutical drugs have several side effects that could make your condition worse. In contrast, natural pills and tablets don’t produce any adverse effects and are just as effective, if not more so.

While sleeping tablets can be effective, it will only work if formulated properly, otherwise it isn’t going to make a difference. If you’re interested in getting relief quickly, your best option is Lunar Sleep.

What is Lunar Sleep?

It is a natural sleeping aid that helps you sleep at night thanks to its all-natural ingredients including melatonin, the hormone that helps maintain your sleeping cycle. According to a recent study by MIT, scientists confirm that low levels of melatonin could induce insomnia and a number of other sleeping disorders.

Unlike synthetic drugs, this aid contains only natural ingredients and has no elements that will make it addictive. Furthermore, several reviews and testimonials have been posted online proving how effective it is, which makes it the ideal choice if you’re unable to sleep at night but don’t want to take synthetic drugs.